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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrate Whole Grains Month with Brown Rice, 5 Different Ways!

From the #USDA:

Brown Rice 5 Ways infographic
In Celebration of Whole Grains Month and National Rice Month, check out these easy-to-prepare recipes from MyPlate. (Click to view a larger version)
Did you know September is Whole Grains Month and National Rice Month? To help you fit whole grains into your menu this week, MyPlate is sharing five, easy-to-prepare recipes with brown rice as the star ingredient.
Almost all Americans are not eating enough whole grains. At least half of your grains should be whole grains. Whole grains provide more vitamins and minerals than refined grains because they are made from the entire grain seed. Eating more whole grains is easy to do! Try these recipes featuring brown rice five different ways to add more whole grains to your recipe repertoire:
  • The One-Dish DinnerCaribbean Casserole
    Looking for an exotic dish to change up your dinner routine? This recipe can be made in a flash and used as a side dish or as an entrée! Bonus: This tasty recipe was the fan favorite at a MyPlate staff gathering.
  • The Savory Side DishCheesy Broccoli & Rice Squares
    Made with low-fat cheese, these brown rice squares are pure comfort food and pack a nutritious punch with whole grains and broccoli.
  • The Super Salad: Fiesta Rice Salad
    This light and refreshing rice dish is packed with veggies. Served chilled, it’s perfect for a picnic or potluck. Cut down on your prep time by cooking and refrigerating brown rice the night before!
  • The Kid-Friendly Dinner: Black Bean Burgers
    A fast entrée that uses flavorful herbs and spices to create a great-tasting burger patty. Add your favorite burger toppings and enjoy!
  • The Takeout-Inspired Meal: Chicken Fried Rice
    An easy, nutrient-packed entrée that is great for the whole family. It’s also a good way to use up leftover brown rice, veggies, and chicken. Bring on the chopsticks!
For more healthy recipes, check out, and find whole grains tips Check back with us in October when we feature our next star ingredient, pumpkin, five different ways!

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