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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Money App for Facebook

Serve from American Express Unveils Send, Receive and Request Money App for FacebookApp Allows Friends to Send, Receive and Request Money from Directly within Facebook
NEW YORK, NY,  February 29, 2012 -- 
Serve from American Express today announced an application that allows friends to send, receive and request money from directly within Facebook. The Serve app is currently the only application available on Facebook that allows friends to send, request and receive payments in just a few clicks.
"The way people exchange money is evolving, and so is Serve," said Dan Schulman, group president, Enterprise Growth, American Express. "We're constantly working to bring our customers a seamless and consistent payment experience -- one that makes sense for our increasingly social lives, whether that's paying a friend back for movie tickets or sending someone money for your share of the vacation house -- it can now be sent on Facebook."
Exchanging money with friends takes three simple steps: Choose your friend to send money to, enter the dollar amount, and click send. Facebook friends are automatically populated directly into the app's interface, so there is no need to worry about finding a friend's email address or gathering additional information. Once completed, a message is immediately posted to the recipient's Facebook wall providing directions on where to collect their money or to sign up for Serve. To request money the process is just as easy, choose a Facebook friend who owes you money, send a request and get paid back.
Unlike some other products in the market, Serve has no fees to send, receive or request money, no matter what funding method a customer chooses. For more information on Serve, visit

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