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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HP Supports Patient Care at Runnymede Healthcare Centre

Press Release : February 29, 2012

HP Supports Patient Care at Runnymede Healthcare Centre in Canada

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- HP today announced that Runnymede Healthcare Centre has chosen HP Converged Infrastructure to support patient care as well as reduce IT administration time and costs.
Toronto-based Runnymede, which provides specialized medical, therapeutic and outpatient services to people affected by long-term chronic conditions, was subjected to considerable network downtime with an outdated data infrastructure. This resulted in delays when hospital staff accessed applications supporting patient care and in unreliable communication between staff and patients.
Since implementing HP LeftHand Storage and HP ProLiant Servers at its new facility, Runnymede no longer experiences data center downtime, which has greatly improved IT staff productivity. In addition, the hospital can fulfill its strategic vision of implementing an electronic patient record.
“The time we spent maintaining and repairing our old data infrastructure was eating into the time we needed to focus on applications required by clinical staff to improve patient care,” said Angela Copeland, chief information officer and privacy officer, Runnymede Healthcare Centre. “With HP Converged Infrastructure solutions, we’re now able to focus on clinical applications since the only attention our data infrastructure requires is the short time it takes to add capacity.”
HP LeftHand Storage, part of the HP Converged Storage portfolio, fuses scale-out storage software with HP ProLiant server hardware. This physical and virtual IT solution ensures high availability to reduce the risk of downtime. Business continuity is ensured by replicating data across a cluster of storage nodes. This provides continuous data availability in the event of an outage.
HP LeftHand Storage deployed at Runnymede applies this innovative approach to eliminate single points of failure across the storage area network, reducing risk without driving up costs. HP LeftHand Storage also reduces costs by allowing Runnymede to purchase storage based on its current needs, with the flexibility to add more capacity and performance as needed without disruptions.
In addition to HP Converged Storage, the healthcare provider chose HP ProLiant rack-mount servers as part of its HP Converged Infrastructure. These physical HP servers are virtualized with VMware vSphereto increase IT flexibility to scale up as hospital requirements expand.
“Runnymede struggled with an unstable IT environment that hampered access to applications that aid in patient care, which is the lifeblood for healthcare providers,” said Jeff Wilson, national sales manager, Storage, HP Canada. “Now with reliable access to data, staff can concentrate on providing the best possible care with confidence that the Centre’s data needs will scale with HP Converged Infrastructure.”
HP Converged Infrastructure is a core component of an Instant-On Enterprise. In a world of continuous connectivity, the Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they need, instantly.
HP’s premier client event, HP Discover, takes place June 4-7 in Las Vegas.

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