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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

7 Ways To Differentiate Your Brand with Personalized Service

In a world where we seem to constantly interact with faceless corporations and cold, glaring screens, your customers are hungry for the personal touch. Personalized customer service is key to differentiating your business from the crowd, attracting customers and turning them into loyal buyers. But providing personal service in today’s busy world isn’t easy. A new book by Peter Psichogios, “The Seven Personalization Principles: Learn the Principles to Thrive in These Disruptive Times,” can help.
Personalization is vital, Psichogios contends, because businesses that create personalized experience will be able to charge a premium, while those that fail to do so will struggle to survive. In his book, he shares seven principles that your business must live by to provide personalized customer service. Here’s a look at the principles and how you can employ them in your business.

7 Ways To Differentiate Your Brand with Personalized Service

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