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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Malware, Phishing Gather in North America

In its annual review of global security threats, Websense says a major trend it observed last year is that more malware connections, hosting and phishing appear to be occurring in the United States and Canada.

"50 percent of malware connections lead to the U.S.," says Charles Renert, vice president of Websense Security Labs. According to the 2012 Websense Threat Report, Canada's malware ranking has also zoomed upward in the past year, so the country now clocks in at No. 2 at 13.2 percent. The countries in the top five ranking include Germany at 5.4 percent, the Netherlands at 4.9 percent and China at 4.1 percent.
China and Russia used to be much bigger in the rankings, according to Websense, but since organizations have been more often blocking IP ranges for these countries, cybercriminals have turned to getting malware closer to their victims by exploiting trusted networks, such as social-networking sites. (See also "Best Security Suites: PC Bodyguards.")

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