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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bizarre Greek Situation

I saw something this morning on CNBC's Squawk Box that I thought was rather strange. An important vote on austerity measures is scheduled to take place in the Greek Parliament today. The first report from Athens had the reporter in the foreground and the Greek Parliament in the background. There was a crowd gathered in front of the Parliament Building. The crowd was demonstrating peacefully. There were members of the Communist Party armed with big sticks standing guard between the crowd and the Parliament Building. Apparently, the Communists were trying to prevent the storming of Parliament. Riot police were present, but there was no tension in the air. That was the first report.

About 20 minutes or so CNBC checked back in with their reporter in Athens. By then, the Anarchists had arrived. There were now violent clashes between the Communists and the Anarchists. The Communists were using their big sticks and, apparently, the Anarchists responded by throwing petrol bombs. A number of people had been set on fire. The Greek riot police were trying to contain the melee and keep it away from certain areas.

I guess I am not used to seeing Communists engaged in violent clashes with Anarchists. The two strike me as being somewhat kindred spirits. The Marxists and the Anarchists seem to get along well enough in the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

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